The office of the Town Engineer is included in the organization of the Public Works Department and is established under Article VIII of the Town of Lincoln Charter. The Engineering Office provides a variety of technical support to all the departments of the Town as well as the various Town committees and boards.

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The Engineering Department is also responsible to:

  • Review plans for new public improvements such as roads, sewers, and drains;
  • Review development and subdivision applications, building permits, and street opening permits;
  • Coordinate special projects such as paving, curb and sidewalk installation;
  • Maintain engineering records and tax maps;
  • Coordinate street addresses with the Uniform Emergency Telephone System;
  • Arrange for street light installation;
  • Coordinate with utility companies such as water, gas, electric, telephone, and cable TV;
  • Attend Planning Board meetings;
  • Represent the Town of Lincoln at various state agencies such as DOT and DEM;
  • Review invoices and prepare cost estimates and budget proposals;
  • Investigates public works complaints such as drainage, sewers, traffic, etc.;
  • Provide information to the general public;
  • Provide copies of maps to the general public;
  • Maintain street, zoning, and overlay maps;
  • Manage the Town's Stormwater Management Plan.
  • Design of Town infrastructure and facilities.
  • Oversee construction of Town projects.
  • Develop and implement the Town's Waste Water Facility Plan.

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