Sewer Billing

The Town of Lincoln's Finance Department issues all sewer bills. This bill is sent during the month of August, separately from fiscal year real estate bills.

Contact Info

  • John Ward, Finance Director
  • (401) 333-1100 x8001

Additional Info

Sewer Use

  • Residential Properties

    Annual sewer service charges for residential properties are calculated on a flat-fee basis for each user of the sewer system. Bills are issued in August for the prior calendar year's use. The charge is $100 per residential unit per year as established in the Town of Lincoln Code of Ordinance Chapter 207 Section 65. Current sewer use charges are not shown on the real estate tax bill.

  • Commercial Properties

    For Commercial properties, sewer charges are calculated on a per use charge determined by the reading of the property's water meter (Town of Lincoln Code of Ordinance Chapter 207 Section65). Commercial sewer bills are issued in August for the prior years use.

Sewer Assessment

Each new sewer assessment structure or home site as outlined in the Town of Lincoln Ordinance Chapter 207-58 is assessed $1900.00 Sewer assessments are payable in equal installments annually for a period of 20 years with 6.5047% interest (Chapter 207-63).

Subdivided land will be charged an assessment of $1900.00 or $950.00 if constructed at the expense of the landowner or developer. These charges shall be assessed upon their passage of final approval or upon the recording of a deed dividing said property or whichever comes first (Chapter 207-58 C).


The owner of any property shall be liable for the payment of all charges for sewer furnished at the premises. The failure of the owner or customer to receive a bill does not relieve him or her from the obligation of timely payment or the consequences of non-payment.

Due Dates and Late Charges

The sewer charges are due by the stated due date. Interest at the rate of 12% per annum will accrue from the billing date on unpaid balances not paid in full by the due date.


If you have any questions regarding the calculation of your sewer charge, please contact the Town of Lincoln’s Public Works Department at (401)333-8430.

If you have a question about the payment of your bill, please contact the Town of Lincoln’s Collector’s office at (401)333-1100, extension 8001.

Change of address requests must be in writing and signed. The form is available on the Tax Assessor's page in the Documents section. Please address to: Town of Lincoln’s Tax Assessor Department at 100 Old River Road, P.O. Box 100 Lincoln, RI 02865 or fax your request to (401)333-3648.